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Liver Improvement

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I was diagnosed with liver damage that reduced its function by 25%. After a number of tests, and a week in hospital, I was told it was due to my high-protein diet and bodybuilding. The NHS (National Health Service) doctors said they had never seen anything like it in such a young person! I was 20 years old at the time.

From that moment on, they scheduled me to have weekly checkups and blood tests for my liver enzymes. After a few months the degradation of my liver had stopped and my liver function tests had stabilized.

My liver was starting to slowly improve and was functioning with 22% damage.

I took a holiday where I was to hear about Robin Richardson and her practice with technology and hypnosis. I'm one to give anything a try once, so I looked up her number and went for my first of two sessions.

My experience with the bed was so amazing I could not believe it—especially the heat and the feeling that ran through my body during the session! (I would find out the reason for this on my return to England).

After my first blood test back in England (within one week of my return from my holiday), my doctor looked at my test results. He was absolutely shocked to see my liver had healed down to 16% damage! This is an improvement of 6% of liver functioning. This improvement occurred all within the three weeks I was on vacation.

The only explanation I have to this day that would account for this drastic improvement would have been my session with Robin. The following weeks of tests would show my healing to have slowed back to a normal pace of improvement, which would be about 1% of liver functioning over a three month span. This only confirmed my previous thoughts that the vibrasound session in Sarasota had so dramatically jump-started my healing.

I would like to thank Robin for her help and professionalism during my visit.

As for any member of the public out there, I would highly recommend Robin and say to you that all you can do is see for yourself!

Aaron Montgomery

London, England

Sound Healing with the Lambdoma

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Testimonial from Barbara Hero

The vibrasound bed invented by Don Estes has been of great benefit to clients by attaching the Pythagorean Lambdoma Keyboard to it.

The Lambdoma Keyboard (four quadrant model), a 30" by 17" by 1" is a harmonic musical instrument that is able to generate pure harmonics from whole number ratios that multiply and divide whatever frequency keynote is put in the 1:1 entry of the 256 diamond shaped matrix.

When a client chooses a keynote that he likes, from one of four quadrants, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical and Oracle, the computer adds that particular audible frequency in Hertz multiplied by the basic ratios (n/d) of the matrix. The client then chooses the chords from each quadrant, sounds them and says one word. That one word indicates the feeling of each quadrant to the pure harmonic sounds of his own keynote frequency. That frequency is both multiplied and divided by the 256 ratios to sound the frequencies of each quadrant. The client then forms one sentence from each of the words from each quadrant, thereby extending their sub-conscious feelings into a poem of their own devising. Barbara Hero 

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I am a healer and a teacher of healing energy.

I experienced a profound moment in my life where

healing, music, and friendship all blended and became life altering.

Barbara Hero invented,and created an instrument of sound healing that flows to the

soul. I experienced the sounds of the Lambdoma pulse through

my body when Robin was able to connect this instrument through the vibrasound bed that she utilizes in her sessions. This had not been attempted before and the experience was truly amazing and exciting to experience.

The physical sensations were fascinating as they went to areas within my body that had been expressing as discomfort. Then Barbara changed the mode and the sound traveled to my brain to alert my sore spots to begin to shake loose. As the sounds faded, the energy in the sore spots would turn to a wave of release.

My body seemed to crave more vibration and my mind relaxed into peace. Barbara then asked me to pick the chords. Picking the cords myself was powerful and when they were played, I felt it in my heart center. I released what may have been years of emotional stress. Barbara asked me what word came into my mind. All I could hear was the word "Faith". As Barbara had me pick from each mode I became one with the process of healing and sound. This was a loving and freeing experience that will become a special part of

my soul's journey. I look forward to working with both Robin Richardson and Barbara Hero as we together investigate, explore, and assimilate how music and the lambdoma frequencies can be utilized more fully for the use in healing professions. May we and others increase the knowledge base of music, and light and sound the way!

Thank you Barbara and Robin, I love you. Rev. Cyndy Mayer


I went to see Robin with very specific hopes and needs. A decade of great sadness and loss had left me emotionally and physically spent. My dreams were often dark and difficult; the imagery hard to shake. I consistently woke feeling sad and overwhelmed, rising only to feel a heavy emotional weight that pushed me back down, at times forcing me to stay down. Work, friends and family suffered. I went from a being a creative, successful individual, accustom to operating at full speed to a life that could best be described as idling. Several years of grief counseling, both group and individual, were somewhat helpful as was different forms of psychotherapy and talk therapy. None of them provided the release for me that just one session with Robin provided. Our session was very intense, longer than either of us had expected but truly due to Robin's skills, quite life altering. Immediately the darkness has cleared, I actually wake up conscious that I am smiling, something completely out of character for me but very welcomed. The greatest take away from this experience is the overall wellness and lasting sense of calm that I feel.

Although each patient and session is unique, speaking to others I know directly and indirectly that have worked with Robin and Vibrasound therapy, the common thread appears to be a unique sense of an energized wellness and calm. I describe it as a delicious blend to hit the ground running without feeling anxious, instead there with a sense of empowerment and confidence.


RF, Florida

Relationship Issues

My Testimonial Letter

I have been to different therapists, and have tried a variety of healing modalities for a recurring relationship issue. I had one session with Robin, and she was able to clear the issue by targeting the root of the problem, the core issue.

The benefits of sound healing and therapy combined with Robin's skill, knowledge, and compassion are an unbeatable combination for helping anyone break through their "wall", no matter what the issue is.

Anita P.

Relief of Pain

I can't say enough about Robin's work, I met her socially and wanted to experience her work on a spiritual level. On that particular day I was in some extreme pain due to a joint issue, but dealing with it the best I could. Robin put me in a trance on her wonderful unique sensory bed, I went right to the source of the pain, released an old memory. I "hobbled" into her office and "danced" out. My hip stayed substantially better.

Robin has wonderful gifts of deep compassion, incredible intuition and a profound spiritual connection to higher energies and frequencies that she taps into like we use a telephone. "Remarkable" She knew just where to take me that day even though I had something else in mind.

I think Robin has tapped fully into her divine source and is the miracle worker she was always meant to be. "Love Her" !!!!!

Lois Miller, L.C.S.W

Migraine Relief

I was suffering from frequent migraines and was not feeling well when I had my first experience on the Vibrasound Bed. I found the experience to be extremely spiritual in nature and to also relieve me of the migraines I had been having several times a week. The combination of the sound resonating throughout your body and the natural feelings of floating on the water bed is incredibly healing and has the ability to open you in a most profound way.

Thank you Robin for your gentleness and kindness. You made the whole experience a beautiful one for me.


Stop Smoking

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Testimonial Letter

I smoked for fifteen years; even worse, I loved cigarettes—they way they looked, the way they smelled, they way they tasted, everything. Nothing could be finer than to light up after a good meal or when I first awoke in the morning; even though I was coughing my lungs out every day. Besides, when I didn’t want them anymore, I could just stop, right? Wrong.

Once I decided I’d had enough coughing and being out of breath, I wanted to put the cigs down, but I couldn’t. I could go for few days—or even a few weeks—without smoking, but I’d struggle with headaches, irritability, insomnia, and terrible cravings until I just couldn’t stand it anymore, and I would smoke.

Then I asked Robin for help. Her guidance, talents, and wealth of knowledge have freed me from the bonds of nicotine addiction, and now I will never go back. Robin’s Vibra-Sound Table ensured that I was fully relaxed and open for the experience, ready for Robin’s gentle guided meditation to take me into my mind and resolve my problem.

The soft warmth of the heated water-bed for one enveloped me, and every muscle in my body relaxed as soothing music and vibrations gently lulled me into a half-sleep. Soft goggles with flashing lights soon melted into velvety darkness as my mind and body were united in vibrational harmony. It seemed as though I traveled deep into my mind, where only feelings, sounds, and colors existed. I was completely relaxed, safe, and ready to change myself.

Robin’s soothing voice led me to a beautiful place, then urged me to re-live my past—the very moment I first picked up a cigarette—it was as though my life split into two possibilities at that point: one in which I smoked and one in which I didn’t. Miraculously, it was though I could make the choice over again. In a powerful, emotional moment, Robin helped me to renounce the cigarettes I longed to be rid of. Then she gently guided me back into calmness, and led me back into full awareness.

At the end of the session I felt remarkably rejuvenated, as though I had slept, although I remembered every moment clearly. Even though I hadn’t previously been aware of any blockages, I felt as though my emotions were freer; I felt lighter and happier.

But the biggest miracle of all: It is as though I never smoked. I have not picked up another cigarette since. I have no cravings, and I have suffered no withdrawal—I even live with other smokers, and their smoking has absolutely no effect on me. I know I will never smoke again. Robin’s guidance helped to unleash the power of my mind and has allowed me to exercise my own will for life.

If you are suffering from any addiction, any fear, or any emotional blockage that is keeping you from being all you want to be, I urge you to call Robin today. She will help you free yourself!

Carmen, from WV

Personal Growth

Thank you Robin! Vibrasound Technology enabled me to reach a new and valuable level of awareness. I have been involved in mind/body therapies, both personally and professionally, for many years. Vibrasound Technology added a new dimension of achieving and exploring personal growth and well being.

With gratitude and appreciation,

Beverly S.

For Fun

I’ve always wondered what being wrapped in a Rainbow was like…and, discovered I found it during my Vibrasound session with you!

Lying on the warmed water- bed and experiencing multimedia surround sound music via the headphones and piped through the water- bed was a musical massage. I’m certain every cell in my body related to the musical vibrations with previously unknown delight.

You asked me to choose a favorite place, one that I visit during meditations. My beautiful Greek Island, Mykonos overlooking the blue waters and glorious sunsets came easily to me. The soft colored lights under the special vision goggles enhanced my memories of beautiful skies.

Thank you for the guided meditation. Since you invited me to choose outcomes the experience felt comfortable and safe.

I lost the sense of time but found the sense of comfort, relaxation and warmth. Later, I found a new kind of energy; and a focused alertness.

Lucky Gregoria finding my rainbow, while floating on a multimedia water- bed. I’ll recommend you and Vibrasound Therapy for all who reach out for both physical and spiritual renewals.

I’m looking forward to my next session of being wrapped in a beautiful rainbow. Who knows I might use a soft cloud as my pillow.

Staying in touch,


Increased Awareness

It was my experience with the VibraSound Bed and the guidance of Robin Richardson that I experienced one of my most profound altered states. So profound in fact that I had to develop a workshop around it. I was taken to a new and sustained level of awareness and lucidity. I recommend this experience for anyone wanting to tap into deeper levels of themselves and expand their awareness.


Rev. Sharon-Elizabeth James

Emotional Release

Thank you so much for my wonderful journey on the bed. I had no idea of what to expect, even though I read the description of it.

Your soothing voice and the different sensory stimulations from the music and the bed were amazing. At no time did I feel anything but safe. I never was nervous or threatened in any way.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to benefit from your experience and knowledge. I will be coming back for more.




Back Pain

Michael A Voase

Hello Robin,

Long time no see! That is a good thing if were talking about my lower back pain. Which has been minimal since my last Vibrasound therapy session with you. It was awesome and I'll never forget just how healing and soothing the whole experience was. I still think of myself as a" 17 year old teenager in ' body," that is, when I start feeling pain in my back anyway. It seems to be effective even to this day!

You and yours are truly special souls and are beautiful people. I will always hold thoughts of you dearly,


Mike V.

Alopecia Reversal


Jack when he started sessions.


Jack today with eyebrows, eyelashes and hair growing in on scalp.


Jack today with eyebrows, eyelashes and hair growing in on scalp.

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I was diagnosed with Alopecia in when I was in 9th grade. I am not really sure what caused it, but I was told that there wasn't any healing or cure for it. I met a very special person through my mother that has helped my situation through the use of vibrasound, guided imagery, and hypnosis. Some of you might not know it, but when you get Alopecia you lose your hair in patches till almost all of your hair is gone.

When I first started seeing Robin I didn't have any eye brows, facial hair, arm or body hair, much less hair on my head. I did 10 sessions with Robin, and within 6 months I started having hair grow back on my whole body. I now have full in-tact eye brows, facial hair and even a beard. The hair on my head is actually growing back in patches now. This is a total reversal of how it fell out. While it isn't fully restored yet, the hope is that it will soon be. Even my eye lashes have seen improvement. They were near to non existent, are now full and long. I look normal now. Just the fact that I have hair, and it is growing back in after being told that it never would, is like a miracle.

Thank for all the time you spend with me, and for helping me regain my hair and appearance.

With Love,


<<<<<-------Jack when before he started his sessions.

Emotional Release and Freedom


My name is Cheryl and I would like to share with you my Vibrasound-bed experience and why I believe it will benefit you as well; although your reasons will be your own and very different.

My experience was a cleansing experience and rewarded me about a 90% improvement on how I feel.

The Vibrasound experience allowed me to break free from burdens that weighted me down tremendously. Liberating me to experience life much more fully, vibrantly; feeling happier and freer than I could ever possibility imagine.

Through the Vibrasound-bed experience and Robin’s amazing insight, help and patience, I am healing. A huge burden has been lifted from my heavy heart. It has been a unique cleansing experience. I am free; free to cheerfully absorb the love and forgiveness that has been generously poured out.

This incredible experience erased the feelings and the memories that held me down and that hold me back from discovering the light that shines not only in me but in you as well.

Robin, thank you! Thank you for this amazing experience and helping me realize my journey and to discover the answer to my quest.

May God richly bless you all the days of your life Robin! Thank you.

Improving Personal Relationships

Career Counseling

My experience with Robin incorporated not only guided meditation and vibrasound therapy but her 20 years experience as a career counselor. I was recommended to Robin for her vibrasound therapy from a good and trusted friend who I consider very studied in metaphysical realms. I also did a good deal of research on Robin on my own and discovered that not only is she trained in many areas and modalities, but is a experienced career counselor. At the time of our session I actually had a job offer floating around but not locked down. With Robin's skills we mapped out a plan and she helped me realize my financial worth. She gave me the confidence to propose a salary and job description that matched my skill set and experience. Thanks Robin.


Stroke Recovery

When I first came to Robin I had suffered a stoke 4 years prior that had left side effected. Robin and I had took my basal temperatures on each side of my body and there was a full temperature degree difference between them. After 10 amazing emotionally releasing sessions with Robin both sides of my body had equalized and the left side of my body's temperature had risen to match my right side. I attribute this temperature change to increased blood flow. Sometimes after a session I could literally feel my left arm and leg heat up which is why Robin and I started to take basal temperatures for empirical supporting proof to document this profound change. Sure enough each weekly session we would note an improvement with my leg side of my body's temperature increasing. On the tenth session when I came in we noted that both sides of my body were the same. I attribute this increased body temperature change to the sessions with Robin using music, light, sound and guided imagery,in combination with discovering and releasing emotional blocks.

With Robin's expert help I was able to reach into the blankness on no memory before age 5 and find my wound. Through the succeeding healing I am going through, I can see that it is helping me use the energy of a new re-calibrated emotional flow into my life to impact others in a more healthy way. With this shift it became a re-balancing event for me PHYSICALLY and MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY. I now can watch how this ripples out not just into my life, but spreads out and impacts and intersect positively with others. I am observing how the reflections of my greater feeling of unconditional love can now effect healing in my life and show up on the windows of the other illuminated droplets hanging out on the web strings of life.

Merging Head & Heart, Symbolic & Sensory, Logic & Love, Mastery & Mystery,


Clark Mumaw, INDIANA


Hi Robin,

First and foremost, I want to thank you for coming into my life. Your presence and knowledge lights up any room you walk into.

I wasn't aware on the day we met, just how much you were going to change my life, but now I want to not only share my experience with but with the whole world.

I shared my claustrophobia issue with you when we met. How it has become such a problem for me over the past 20+ years, since my husband and I travel as much as we do and getting on an airplane is sometimes an ordeal, especially when the airplane is a smaller one.

Without hesitation, you offered to help me get rid of my claustrophobia thru hypnosis.

I've never been hypnotized and wasn't sure what to expect. Well, what I anticipated in my mind and what I actually experienced was quite different. I really enjoyed my one session of hypnosis and was pleasantly surprised on how comfortable and at ease the entire session felt.

Well, just a few days later, my husband and I flew to Hawaii. I was very anxious to see if the session of hypnosis was going to work.

I was able to fly on a plane for almost 6 hours and never had a problem. I didn't need to take any medication to ease my anxiety and was totally at ease thru the entire flight. Upon our arrival in Oahu, Hawaii, the captain informed us that our gate had some electrical issues and we would have to remain seated for another 10 to 15 minutes before exiting the plane. If that would have happened prior to my hypnosis session, I would HAVE GONE into panic mode, feeling trapped in the plane, BUT I REMAINED CALM, COOL AND COLLECTED. WHAT A MIRACLE THAT WAS.

We had to fly a much smaller plane from Oahu to Kauai and that didn't bother me either. I am proud to say, I've had to ride in an elevator full of people on several occasions and I was just fine with that as well. Prior to our hypnosis session, that would have been impossible to do. I would always exit an elevator if it had more than 1 to 2 people in it. 


Thank you Robin, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me. I am forever grateful to you for taking away a problem I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life.

Sent from my iPad

Career Counseling

Dear Robin,

I just wanted to write and thank you for the the excellent career coaching that you gave me.

You helped me to translate my background, education, and experience into the terms that today's employers understand.

As you know, I had a huge leap to make from what I was doing to what I wanted to do. and did not know how to tell prospective employers exactly what set me apart or how I could be a contributor to their team.

Through your advice, I was able to put together a cover letter and resume that stood out among the competition and go the attention of my new employer.

You also helped me to understand the dynamics of how to carry myself and communicate effectively though the interview process.

Now I have the job of my dreams!

Blessings to you,


Tony Pitaniello

Field Coordinator--Eurasia 

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