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Anxiety can stem from many issues and identifying the origin and reason of the anxiety issue is instrumental in treating it.

Anxiety may stem from having a genetic propensity towards it and you may see it evident in family trees.

Experiencing Trauma may generate a feeling of anxiousness. One may become easily triggered by similar circumstances and have flashbacks or feelings of fear.

Obsessional thinking or ruminations can create a feeling of anxiousness because of a perceived fear.

Generalized anxiety--genetic


OCD--serotonin inefficiency

Treatments include: individualized psychotherapy which includes: Using CBT strategies, Utilizing Relaxation Techniques, and Learning Self-Regulation Skills such as Grounding, Breathing and Guided Imagery Progressive Relaxation Meditations. Gaining mastery of these tools help give the individual self empowerment.

Medications may also be of great value. Finding a medication provider who understands about your anxiety and how to treat is very important in the healing journey.

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